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Why Video Editing?

Video content has become a dominant force in digital media, making proficient video editors highly sought after in various industries. Entry-level video editors play a crucial role in shaping narratives, creating engaging content, and delivering impactful messages through video.

Career Opportunities in Video Editing:

Upon completion of this program, graduates can pursue entry-level roles such as:

Video Editor

Assistant Video Editor

Multimedia Artist

Video Production Assistant

Content Creator

Social Media Video Editor



  • Introduction to Video Editing Principles
  • Understanding Storytelling and Narrative Structure
  • Basics of Cinematography and Composition
  • Video Editing Theory and Techniques
  • Introduction to Color Grading and Correction
  • Sound Design Fundamentals
  • Video Production Workflow
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Video Editing


  • Hands-on experience with industry-standard video editing software:
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Final Cut Pro
    • DaVinci Resolve
  • Editing projects covering various genres and styles:
    • Short films
    • Music videos
    • Commercials
    • Documentary segments
    • Social media content
  • Color grading and correction exercises
  • Sound design and audio editing tasks
  • Collaborative editing projects
  • Portfolio development assignments

This certification program focuses on providing students with a solid foundation in video editing principles and practical skills using industry-standard software. By mastering essential editing techniques and gaining hands-on experience, graduates are prepared to pursue a successful career in video editing.